Biblical. Missional. Sacramental.

We started this church because we believe in the Great Commission. God loves everyone and sent his Son Jesus to save them. Everyone deserves a chance to hear that message and even if they don't accept it they deserve to experience the love of God through his children. Our church is a hospitable community which means we work to treat strangers like family. You are welcome here. Our Anglican faith means we incorporate all elements of the Christian faith, past and present, and unite people from all different backgrounds to worship Jesus with one voice. It also means we practice a gracious orthodoxy. We believe that Jesus wants you to live your life for him and we want to help you do that. There are plenty of chances for you to connect with us. If you want to meet with Pastor Seth directly you can schedule a meeting. Or email him at

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There Are Lots of Ways to Get Involved. You can join us on a Saturday night at 5pm at Crosspoint Church or you can you join us at one of our community events. Or maybe we could start by sitting down over coffee. Either way, we want to help you explore Ascension McKinney!

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