Our Core Values

Word and SacramentWord and Sacrament

The way God makes us more like himself is through his Word in the Bible and his presence through the sacraments. Like Christians have always done, we worship God and draw near to him through the means he has given us. His Word is our highest authority and the sacraments give us grace to live a Christian life.


Prayer         Prayer

           We cannot accomplish anything unless we pray to God who gives good gifts and listens to               his children. We believe that prayer is effective and is the heart of the spiritual life.



Love wants to love more. We desire to see more and more people meet Jesus and learn to wholly follow him. This means that it is the privilege of all Christians to bring new people into God’s family and walk alongside them as they learn to follow him. We multiply everything we do so that more and more people can worship Jesus.



This means treating strangers like family. We have been so richly blessed by God in various ways and we want to share all those blessings with the people we encounter. We are committed to the well-being of other people.