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It's About B.L.E.S.S.ING

Most Christians believe in the Great Commission but are intimidated by living it out. However, if you believe that following Jesus adds value to your life then that means sharing the Gospel enriches the lives of those you share it with. You're not some used car salesman you are a doctor bringing news that the cancer is gone. So follow these five steps...

Begin with Prayer

God is the one who draws people to Jesus and gives them saving faith. You should be talking to God about people more than you are talking to people about God. Select five people in your life who do not have an active relationship with Jesus and commit to praying for them everyday.

Listen with Care

Many of us worry what we will say when we share our faith but we should be more concerned about listening at first. Listening attentively and with care wins you the right to speak. As you listen to their story, their hopes, and fears you will begin to know how the Gospel can speak into their life.

Eat with Them

We're not saying you must prepare them a four course meal. This could something as simple as getting tacos together. But humans make bonds when they share a good meal together. How many times do we see Jesus eating with people in the Gospel? Sharing a meal shows you care and if you cook it yourself it means even more.

Serve Them

Offer to water their plants or watch their dog when they are out of town. Maybe their kids need a ride home from school. Maybe they got surgery and need their lawn mowed? Or maybe they need help distributing a resume. There are so many ways you can "put your money where you mouth is" and serve them as Jesus would.

Share Your Story

This is the moment when you finally get to tell them about Jesus and what he means to you. What would your life be without him? Focus on how he has changed you and that salvation is a free gift from God not something we earn. Then, invite them to meet the rest of your faith community.

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